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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the hard time.

dear blogie, it has been long time since my last update. i feel so guilty letting u standing alone without anything to fill in. i've so many stories to put in here. i think i want to get back on writing anf change the blog appearance. many event have occurred during my missing and bellow is one of the most important event for me. so here we go.

i have this one girl who i really wanted for so long. there are a lot of obstacles that have been blocking us from meeting. we just continued to be friend. i have waited the opportunity of us getting together for so long, and it happened. After a year, we finally in a relationship. we were so happy during the relationship and i'm so glad she is finally mine. the relationship were beautiful and full with love at first. we text every minute, calls and video call every night. we were so close at that time. unfortunately, things change, we started to argue and made a fight regularly. things keep getting worse and worse. after months, i noticed that the way she treated me change. there must be something wrong with her. my suspicion was right. she said i'm too obsesses with the relationship and it annoyed her sometimes. she even confessed that she has feeling for other guy. due to my distance, she had no other choices rather to choose that guy over me. what more can i gave her compared to that guy. he is near with her. he can care her better than me. i'm so sad and disappointed. i'm truly deep in love with her. i want to have a serious relationship with her. i don't want to lose her and i don't want to lose her love for me. we finally broke up. it give me a hard time to let her go. i never feel so in love like i felt for her. i even cried for her. i mean for a guy to cry over a girl it must be that i'm too in love with her. it is rare to see guys cry.(axcept afiq izan her most lovely ex haha)i'm so depressed at that time. my heart was so bleed. i realized that i need to accept the fact that she isn't mine anymore. but it was so difficult. even today i still love her. i miss her. i miss what we had before. i just wanted her to be happy. letting her go is the best option. i mean what's the point of her being with me if she isn't happy. we still keep in touch. the only thing that change is the way we treat each other. we still have feeling for each other. but i don't know. it confuse us. love is complicated. maybe we just need to wait and see what happens next. just let the fate decide what the best for us. to tell you the truth , she is the best thing that's ever been mine. maybe we are not meant to be together or maybe this isn't the time yet. i still hope someday or maybe somehow we'll be together again. that is all i think (byk nya grammar slah, lantak la. haha)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

yesterday out.

i'm going to put in some pictures and a video this time since the last post was a bit empty and dull. got to keep it interesting. well. the above was during karaoke yesterday. below are more details on what happens before the above situation. if you care to know la.

yesterday, me, faisal and nazrin went out to jusco terberau, they come just to accompanied me. i told them that i want to buy some stuff for my study and maybe watch movie if there is new movies that i have not watched yet, at the end things turn out to be different cause i'm spending the money to other things and we did not watched any movie. cause i have watched all the new movie.

we next went to cs to send nazrin to his work station at bazar jb to pick up his business stuff. while waiting for nazrin to finished his stuff me and faisal walk around jb city to pull out the boringness. at time night started to emerge, i found abby and abek at bazar jb. since there was nothing much to do here i asked them to join us to make the atmosphere less bored. we then move to Assalam for a shisha and small snack to covered up our hunger.

afterwards, when things started to get bored, we move again to other places. during the journey to other places which we were currently did not planed yet, i proposed a suggestion to go to a karaoke box. they agreed,so we went to the nearest karaoke box which was Suara Ok at Danga Street Walks. we have quite satisfied time there. at the karaoke box, there was some recording made by abby and also some pictures snapped by them during the time which i'm going to share with you guys here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

just a random typing.

Education Issue

I’m back to uitm once again after 3 weeks of break. This year seems to be a bit hard compare to the previous one. There are some new subject being added to my schedule and i found that the subject was a bit complicated. The subjects are more to theory and reading this time. My focus to the lecturing should be sharp to ensure I can obtain absolute understand. What to expect, I’m back in uitm only for 2 weeks. I still have long journey to catch. Hopefully i can maintain my progression and increase my result although i know this sem is going to be one big rock to carry up. I have done much sin, i do not know went i will change, i have tried, i guess my effort to change was still not good enough to overcome myself. Well this new sem is going to be my new book to write it right. I have some issue here, I don’t know why. Lately I felt empty, like I have no goal to shoot it in. My goal direction seems to run out the track. Hope I can pull it back in.

JB Our with my level-mate.

Last week, on Thursday night, one of my friend baju lost his father due to stroke attack. At that time me and friends, mukit and taloh rush out to jb to send him back home for his father funeral ceremony. The shock news was informed to baju at 11 p.m. We manage to get to the destination around 2 o'clock. We all hope he will remain strong and keep heading forward. At jb, taloh and mukit slept at my house. On the next day, while waiting for baju to settle off his issue, i brought taloh and mukit for a fresh road trip at jb, since this is the 1st time they are in jb. The trip was a bit spoil, because my road guide was terrible. I did not remember the road accurately. They mad at me for given the wrong direction at my own place. I felt so sad and cried loudly. Haha. Nahh. I know the place but i did not know the exact way to it. Like my mind was covered with cloud and then blur my mind maps. The first place that i took them was Restaurant Singgah Selalu(SS). For the same reason as me, what they demand is a good shisha. SS is one of best shisha making for time. They stayed at my house for about one day. The next day we picked baju and run back to melaka.

there is so much more i want to write here, i think i will save it later and sorry no picture this time. aha.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the story behind the missing.

Lets get wet!
after long term of break, yet i just realized my blog have not been updated for long time, and it is a bit dusty around here, all still with the same post. well blog let me feed u with some fresh story that i have been throughout the missing time. let see, what i will write it 1st. lets make it fresh and easy to remember, i just arrived home after having some wet day at starhill with NAZRIN, SYED FAISAL, SALADIN AND AKMAL.Since the break is nearly over, i took this opportunity to have some awesome day with my oldmate. i have invited many more but only the listed name manage to make it, the others might had packed schedule i guess. today was a bit tired but it was valuable. we manage to catched a few moment at the starhill in a form of pixel that have been uploaded above.

The Editing.
during the 1st week of my break. me and my family went to Pahang "my kampung". throughout the day at pahang which i found not so fun, i have done several editing using adobe Photoshop. it take a long period on creating the 1st of the 3 picture below using new technique that i just learned, the pen tool. though it takes a lot of time to finish it, it was worth and satisfied me well. i also manage to edit other pictures which i have uploaded beside the 1st one. The truth is, this pen tools really help improving my editing skill. i can create any object that i want easily and if u have an interest on editing picture, i suggest u learn on using this tools. it really come in handy.

The second week, i went to kl with my friend, sham, epul, azmi and qayum. the trip to kl was not exactly on my list activities during the break. since i have nothing to do here in jb, i made my mind to followed them. i stay at wafi house for 4 days and manage to shop some stuff there. just like usually, the cities was still happening with event and full with the tourist. sometime i felt a bit jealous with the kl cities. the cities was keep upgrading their structure with modern facilities and new building each time i come back here. i wonder when the government will ever do this to ours. here i spend much of my time hangout with farid. we spend quite a lot on the food though we now we can save the money if we eat at mamak. pretty much acting rich. haha.

Must Watch "CHUCK"
beside the editing, "Chuck" one of the top tv show had manage to be inside my schedule. the tv show contain 4 seasons and it is still on going. i had done watching all the seasons and currently waiting for the next season which probably still under construction. i found that the show was filled with a lot of action and comedy which likely can attract most of us. furthermore, the story line was excellent, there is an element of love and family being squeeze between the story line which they really done a great job. i think u should watch it like today.

End of Break
in such a zast my 3 weeks break has come to the finish line. i wish i could have less speed time and enjoy the rest of the week productively. before i forgot, my final result have shown itself, i manage to score well, all thanks to god and my parent who always have faith in me. now the new roller coaster track is back on the move. wonder what more will come next.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Drawing.

Recently during a peaceful day in my collage room when i was resting my body out, the drawing mood suddenly came back to me after long missing. Without delaying i took some A4 paper as well as drawing tools and started my sketching. i manage to drew like in the old days again although its a bit rusty. i have left my drawing talent for quite sometimes and i am glad, i still got it. Drawing used to be my major interest in the old days yet when times running older my interest started pointing at other things. i do not want it to go away just like that. Instead i want it to stay alive and improve in me same goes with the guitar talent which one of the main factor i changed my old hobby. Here are some of my drawing which i manage to sketch during those days.

to enlarge click the selected image

Saturday, April 2, 2011

AIS assignment

lately our AIS's lecturer has given us a task. the lecturer divided us into some team. each team has to make a presentation about themselves using
Microsoft PowerPoint. By using their own creativity
and originality each team members must include their own story and unique customize layout on it to gain more mark. the mark receive from the presentation will be used as a carry mark during the calculating for the final exam mark. Hence, it is important to done it well. Basically i have done the assignment but yet it is not completely finish i guess. perhaps a little magic touch will finish it. on this Monday the assignment will be on the white screen, expectedly everything will be smooth as smooth as ABC. Below are sone of the slide that will be on the audience view on this monday.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


here is it. my new edited picture. i just installed adobe photoshop cs4 in my lappy. the above picture is a bit different compare to the facebook version. there is also other version with different color. it is to compare which one is the best and the above and the facebook version had caught my eye view. i want to do more than this. but its complicated and took a long period to done it. Beside,i edited the picture at restaurant singgah selalu(SS) which was not a suit place to done the job. me and my friend abby went out to town to watch a movie. at the end of the day we continue our juorney to SS for dinner and have a fresh shisha breath. as you may know shisha is being stated as illegal stuff at melaka. it is difficult to find one there. hence without hasistating i pulled my leg up to the places that have shisha each time i reach my hometown. throughout the day me and abby took some pictures of us. it has been long period i have not snap a picture. well the main reason is because my hair. now the hair has back but still was not as awesome as before. i miss my old hair. :( to tell u the truth, hair give a major effect for man. just imagine if ur favorite Korean/Japanese artist is baldy. does he or she still looks good to u? haha. enough with that. now i want to tell u about my new gf. nahhh. just joking. maybe next time. i did mention you about me taking some pictures. since, i naver show up new pictures for quite some time. lets upload it here rather than FB. i think FB is more open compare to here since there is not many that follow. as usual, still for the same the reason. "THE HAIR" my hair is not satisfying. i do not want to expose to much at the meanwhile. xD

Saturday, March 5, 2011

that day till today.

well here im siting in front of my keyboard typing on this blog. just in a zast im in uitm for 3 months. time was running fast and i did not realize it so much. before i entered here my goal to become whom i desire was deeply strong and yet now im laying around with wasted stuff. things that obviously now not is so obvious. despite more blurriness is emerging. each day my aim is moving towards other. Maybe the lackness off performing the Muslim responsibilities is one of the major fact my aim is being move away. Actually this post had been written earlier, at that particular time i was in my friend car hanging around in JB with sham and sharp. we went to pcfair and watched a movie, Drive Angry. At the night side we fill up our stomach at ZORO cafe. there were a lot of verity food there and the place is suit for those who want to chill and have a deep breath of shisha. i have much fun that day. thanks guys. There is not much time for me to chilling around with my mate. Nowadays uitm have shorten their study period by packing all the schedule. usually for those who are in diploma have to continue their study for 3 years but now it had been fully packed to 2 years which give us goodness and badness. what is good is, we graduate early which clearly give us a shortcut to enter a higher level of education. the bad is we have a short break of term. basically the break term takes about months. now we have only 3 weeks which is not much of satisfied. thus, during my break i have to spend my time as best as i can to avoid lack of satisfaction. i don't know what i just babbling just now. the truth is i do not know what to wrote here, i just type what was in my mine. i don't want my blog to look empty, hence i try adds something on it so it can be readable. i think thats all kot. haha. ok da abis.

Friday, February 25, 2011

BEL assignment - Three things I can help or change the worls

Everybody which includes me needs a place to continue their revolution, ideas, empire, and generation. Hence, it is our job to ensure that our world will keep on living and be a better place to live for the future. There are a lot of thing that I can do to change the world.

The first thing that I want to do is, plant more tree in specific places. This is to ensure our homes look greener and resistant to the sun’s heat; as a result it can lessen the risk of being infected by related diseases such as skin cancer, hair reduction and also sensitive eye problems. Furthermore, it can increase the quality of air and enhance our health quality. There for a healthy civilization could be created. Moreover it reduces greenhouse effects which are clearly becoming an issue around the world. The ice in pacific area is melting .Thus plant more tree would be an excellent solution to reduce it and eventually making world a better place.

Next is, be a successful person. A status title bestowed on me will lead me to become a huge influence in my country. Hence I can propose plans to change the world with my intelligent. Moreover I can use my intellect to produce a beneficial machine to reduce pollution and create a secure security system for the country to reduce crime rates which has been one of our major problems since in the old days. Influencing other to be kind to each other to avoid war and always live to respect each other. Believe in god and abbey religion laws.

Last but not least, reuse and reduce. Use back things that might still can be used again. For example, we can use back cans as handcraft. Join it using your own creativity by creating something useful. This will help world reduce space for the junk. Beside reuse we can also reduce. Reduce using things that may harm the environment such as chemical stuff which may lead to major pollution.

As a conclusion, care our world as much as we care our self by changing it to be a better and safer place to shelter on.

Mind map

Be a successful person.

· Becoming a successful person will lead me to become a huge influence in my country. Hence I can propose plans to change the world with my intelligent. Moreover I can use my intelligent to produce a beneficial machine to reduce pollution. Next, create a secure system for country to reduce criminal rate which likely be one of our major issue since in the old days. Influence other to be kind to each other. Avoid war and always live to respect each other. Believe in god and abbey religion laws.

Plant more trees.

· Increase the value of trees especially in the cities. This can increase the value of air qualities and enchant our health quality. Furthermore it reduces our greenhouse effect which clearly being issue around the world and eventually making world a better place

Reuse and reduce

· Use back things that might still can be used again. Example, we can use back cans as handcraft. Do not throw away old metal junk. Join them using your own creativity to make it useful again. This will help world reduce pollution which increases drastically each year.

Monday, February 14, 2011

what have happened

hayyy. i just realized my blog has been left for a millennium time. now it is time to wrote again babe. since i'm gone many drastic things have happened to me. One of those things are having a totally short hair. i'm completely look like a nerd. damn different. Numerous people did not recognize me during my weekend break in JB, ahh. hair please grow quickly. i don't want to look nerd in a such long term. huu. The truth is this is my shortest hair cut i ever made and i don't want to show it to you. haha. enough about hair, now im going to tell u about my journey in uitm. Last week there was an event organized by my block. it is call the haka tour. haka is a dance perform by a rugby team and all part one which include me must participate and for that reason also my hair have to be thrown away. on top of that, each of us was given a task to make our own haka t-shirt with nickname and contact number paint on it. we have to wear the t-shirt that we have decorated before while performing haka in front of the girl collages. basically there are 12 collages which means 12 times of haka performance. it was an exhausted day though fun to be remembered. for those who still didn't recall haka is, u can search videos on youtube. there is also a video of us doing haka recorded, but for the time being i think the video is still not uploaded yet. what more to share? i just couldn't drag it out. perhaps later millennium time more. haha. since im a nerd now, there is no picture to be uploaded in this post except that glasses i stole from the google search. haha.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

BEL assignment - if i have a superpower (100 words)

If I have a superpower, a power that I likely passion in is to have amazing strength. There is a lot of beneficial that I can get from it. With super strength I can handle my life easily. For example I can carry heavy things without burdening others. Moreover with such power I can personate girl in no time. I just show them my strength and for sure girls around the world will chase me all time. Next, with great strength the youngster would probably admire me and for that reason they will set me as their mentor. Hence with that advantage I manage to show them some goodness to motivate them to be kind to others. Time by time and day by day numerous people will recognize me due to my strength abilities and constantly various people shout me as their hero. With hero title stated on me I have to give commitment to my heroic work. I have to be more discipline to myself. Why? The life I have is different with other human being now. I have to be more organizing and re-schedule my time table. As a conclusion, to have a amazing strength is not only give me goodness but it’s also teach me to be more organize in my life routine.

i think this is more 100 words. who cares. hentam sudah. haha

Monday, January 10, 2011

life in uitm melaka.

Well as you now, I’m in uitm melaka now. At first, it was such a lame day. Day by day I began to enjoyed the life here. The first week was packed with full activities. If u were in uitm or maybe a senior before, obviously you know a bout the orientation day. Haha. It was a hard journey and extremely exhausted. during the orientation day i manage to catched some new friends although im the silent type, i try hard to be polite and friendly. haha. actually i'm in class now. i have more story that i want to write on. the the class is nearly over now. my laptop is in my brother house. i only got this chance once im in AIS class. guess i will update my blog on my next AIS class. the AIS subject teaches us how to use computer. now lecture is teaching me how to use Microsoft work. here are some text that i wrote during the class. haha.

v Abu like to play football

v Ameng was a Chinese before he convert to muslim.

v Abu and ameng love each others

v We discover that they were gay and in relationship for a bout 2 years


onyet is monkeys. In malay word we call them monyet. They love to eat banana. feel free to bring a bunch of banana for them. they surely will chase you until they get the banana. And when that happens the government agency of monkey allowed u to shoot them. So make sure u bring out your tommy gun. Haha.