lagu nya

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

guitar = girl friend

day by day, it turn out to be bored and bored. goshhh. i wish i could have someone who i can talk and do things together. guitar was my only buddy that i could satisfied my time when im at home, he was the only one who always accompanied me during sadness,bored and loneliness. wish you were a girl who i can communicate with. but when i looked at the other way , it turned out to be a good thing for me surprisingly. by doing that so. my guitar skill will grown hastily and i consume my time is not wasted then. but still i think i need someone. somebody please be my best buddy. i have met so many, but yet there is no one suitable. there is no one who manage to grap my heart. well particularly there is one girl. but nahh. haha. well my guitar. do not worry my dear. you will never be abandon when somebody emerged to be my best buddy or should i call my girl friend. beside,when that happens. you will now be used more frequently for her. haha. well blog reader, what was i'm crapping just now?. haha. merepek ajeee, filzahhh. mcm biasaaaa. haha.

hari da x sekolah. aku saje menganjing budak2 sekolah msg dorang seruh bangun pegi sekolah. memandangkan aku pun masih terjaga da tidak tahu berbuat ape. maen guitar je, kacaw la budak2 ni. ahaha. antara mangsanya ialah dikda. da 2 kali die kene. bahaha. padan muka dia. aku pagi ni lapa. so aku panaskn ayam merah ngap 3ketul. lepas itu masak telur 2 biji. bwat sndwic. dngn bwang da kobis. waa sedap2. baru je bwat ni. da aku nak mkn sanwic uhh. haha. bye2 semuaaa. hahaha.

Friday, January 1, 2010

welcome 2010.

just want to have a short update. firstly i want to welcome to our new year 2010 and goodbye to you 2009. a happy new year to all my fellow friends. new year means a new journey toward glory which if you choose a wise path. hope the life that i have will be brighter than the past year and please forgive me for all unpleasant things that i might done to you. we are human being , we can't escape from making mistake. let the past be the past. what's important is we learn from our past mistakes and try to reconstruct ourself to be a better person. when i looked at my past year which was in 2009 , there were much that must be fixed. 2009 was my worst year ever. a lot of tragic things were burden me during the month of july-sept. fortunately i manage to handle it well and it is all over now. all thanks to this word "great patient comes with great reward" which i created myself to overcome the situation. well it is all over now. like what i have said before. let the past be the past. now 2010 will be my new adventure. i'm a grownup person now. well from the appearance i may look childish but don't underestimate what is inside. for your information , i have a 1000 years old mind. so do be careful when making a conversation with me. ahaha. :P to survive a new type of adult lifestyle a modification must be done to my days schedule. the picture on the left side of the post was taken by faeez in the year of 2009 at Cikgu Rabiah house during addmath tuition. obviously , i am going to miss each person in that picture. well then goodbye 2009 . enough with the speech. as usual FILZAH my English mentor please check my English and tell me what to correct. ahaha. (ni a short update plak kan?) ahahaha