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Thursday, May 26, 2011

the story behind the missing.

Lets get wet!
after long term of break, yet i just realized my blog have not been updated for long time, and it is a bit dusty around here, all still with the same post. well blog let me feed u with some fresh story that i have been throughout the missing time. let see, what i will write it 1st. lets make it fresh and easy to remember, i just arrived home after having some wet day at starhill with NAZRIN, SYED FAISAL, SALADIN AND AKMAL.Since the break is nearly over, i took this opportunity to have some awesome day with my oldmate. i have invited many more but only the listed name manage to make it, the others might had packed schedule i guess. today was a bit tired but it was valuable. we manage to catched a few moment at the starhill in a form of pixel that have been uploaded above.

The Editing.
during the 1st week of my break. me and my family went to Pahang "my kampung". throughout the day at pahang which i found not so fun, i have done several editing using adobe Photoshop. it take a long period on creating the 1st of the 3 picture below using new technique that i just learned, the pen tool. though it takes a lot of time to finish it, it was worth and satisfied me well. i also manage to edit other pictures which i have uploaded beside the 1st one. The truth is, this pen tools really help improving my editing skill. i can create any object that i want easily and if u have an interest on editing picture, i suggest u learn on using this tools. it really come in handy.

The second week, i went to kl with my friend, sham, epul, azmi and qayum. the trip to kl was not exactly on my list activities during the break. since i have nothing to do here in jb, i made my mind to followed them. i stay at wafi house for 4 days and manage to shop some stuff there. just like usually, the cities was still happening with event and full with the tourist. sometime i felt a bit jealous with the kl cities. the cities was keep upgrading their structure with modern facilities and new building each time i come back here. i wonder when the government will ever do this to ours. here i spend much of my time hangout with farid. we spend quite a lot on the food though we now we can save the money if we eat at mamak. pretty much acting rich. haha.

Must Watch "CHUCK"
beside the editing, "Chuck" one of the top tv show had manage to be inside my schedule. the tv show contain 4 seasons and it is still on going. i had done watching all the seasons and currently waiting for the next season which probably still under construction. i found that the show was filled with a lot of action and comedy which likely can attract most of us. furthermore, the story line was excellent, there is an element of love and family being squeeze between the story line which they really done a great job. i think u should watch it like today.

End of Break
in such a zast my 3 weeks break has come to the finish line. i wish i could have less speed time and enjoy the rest of the week productively. before i forgot, my final result have shown itself, i manage to score well, all thanks to god and my parent who always have faith in me. now the new roller coaster track is back on the move. wonder what more will come next.