lagu nya

Thursday, November 25, 2010

masa kecik

ni gmbar aku mase 4 tahun kot. ntah x ingt. yg aku tahu time ni aku cute jee. skrng xtahu la an cute lagi ke x. aku rase ade kot skit. haha. tenguk kene suap dngn mak. alololo. ahaha. mase ni bufday aku kalu x silap. best gilee. dapat basikal. tp basikal tu da hilangg. aku nak basikal tu balikk. pulang kn basikal kuhhh. haha. ok la tu je la. kang aku merepek byk2 kang jd ape plak. nnt aku nak masuk kn gmbar aku time skema. bahaha. msti lawak sia. aduii.


the above pictures is an old one. just want to share it with u guys. the truth is i have no idea on what to type in here. since i quit my job i only sleep sleep and sleep. so there is nothing much to talk about. i saw these picture on my hp and decided to upload here to make my blog readable. i went to starhill with nazrin,fauzi,faisal and abby during their holiday. we had amazing day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

muat turun percuma.

heyy peeps. just found out this profitable website. frequently people download a mp3 using limewire or other software. well guess what, now you can download mp3 for free here. just type in the song title on the search bar and it directly brought you to the link where u can download it for free. u also can listen to the mp3 before u download it. do check it out yourself. make sure to listen the song 1st before u download to confirm it. it may turn out to be a virus. so careful. my opinion is to choose mp3 with high rating on it to avoid file that may harm your computer system. enjoy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

throughout the day

hey guys. well here is the new update. i just QUIT my job a week ago. im totally free like a bird now. so who wants to hang just give me a quick call for sure i will agree. no more tiring day,no more income. :( although i still miss my work station. enough about that. on the day i quit my job i went to kl with my friend FARID. the idea of going there was to buy things for my study admission and have a quick hangout. but the plan seems to ran off the track. the main reason i quit was because i thought i will be in politeknik malaca on 28NOV but unfortunately not. a few days a go the admission result to uitm came out and i got picked up to UITM MALACA in ACC on 27DEC.what a blessing news. i just got back from kl 3 days ago. now i got nothing to do. damn bored. i think i will be heading to kl again in the next few weeks. the picture on the left side had nothing to do with this post. it is just a random pick to make my blog attractive. the picture was taken at my work place at SETIA TROPIKA.

here are some news i want to share with u guys. a few weeks ago before i quit my job i got a day off. throughout that day i felt so damn bored and decided to buy one. well now the console is standing proudly beside my tv and ps3 was awesome. my ps3 is a modified version. with the modified version i can play download game like psp. now i can play ps3 game for free. just download it. so who wants to play just give me a pay. haha xD


my hand wrist feel light and a bit windy without any accessory on. hence i decided to buy this simple and sexy swatch watch. with grey mix with a bit of orange for the highlight oh it is just the perfect one to fit on my hand wrist.

there is plenty more i want to share with, maybe next time. the truth is my mom just woke up and bableling at me cause im still awake screwing with her laptop. haha. well goodnight fellow friends. :D