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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Drawing.

Recently during a peaceful day in my collage room when i was resting my body out, the drawing mood suddenly came back to me after long missing. Without delaying i took some A4 paper as well as drawing tools and started my sketching. i manage to drew like in the old days again although its a bit rusty. i have left my drawing talent for quite sometimes and i am glad, i still got it. Drawing used to be my major interest in the old days yet when times running older my interest started pointing at other things. i do not want it to go away just like that. Instead i want it to stay alive and improve in me same goes with the guitar talent which one of the main factor i changed my old hobby. Here are some of my drawing which i manage to sketch during those days.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

AIS assignment

lately our AIS's lecturer has given us a task. the lecturer divided us into some team. each team has to make a presentation about themselves using
Microsoft PowerPoint. By using their own creativity
and originality each team members must include their own story and unique customize layout on it to gain more mark. the mark receive from the presentation will be used as a carry mark during the calculating for the final exam mark. Hence, it is important to done it well. Basically i have done the assignment but yet it is not completely finish i guess. perhaps a little magic touch will finish it. on this Monday the assignment will be on the white screen, expectedly everything will be smooth as smooth as ABC. Below are sone of the slide that will be on the audience view on this monday.