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Monday, January 10, 2011

life in uitm melaka.

Well as you now, I’m in uitm melaka now. At first, it was such a lame day. Day by day I began to enjoyed the life here. The first week was packed with full activities. If u were in uitm or maybe a senior before, obviously you know a bout the orientation day. Haha. It was a hard journey and extremely exhausted. during the orientation day i manage to catched some new friends although im the silent type, i try hard to be polite and friendly. haha. actually i'm in class now. i have more story that i want to write on. the the class is nearly over now. my laptop is in my brother house. i only got this chance once im in AIS class. guess i will update my blog on my next AIS class. the AIS subject teaches us how to use computer. now lecture is teaching me how to use Microsoft work. here are some text that i wrote during the class. haha.

v Abu like to play football

v Ameng was a Chinese before he convert to muslim.

v Abu and ameng love each others

v We discover that they were gay and in relationship for a bout 2 years


onyet is monkeys. In malay word we call them monyet. They love to eat banana. feel free to bring a bunch of banana for them. they surely will chase you until they get the banana. And when that happens the government agency of monkey allowed u to shoot them. So make sure u bring out your tommy gun. Haha.

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