lagu nya

Sunday, April 25, 2010

lame x update.

so here is it. after long period of my lost. now im once again typing my blog. im now busy working at seri belanga angsana with wafy the jambu. today is my last day, i probably going to miss my working day. i have earns various of experience during my journey here. i learn a lot of goodness and badness that can help improve my life. i have met numerous of age group and made new friend. u guys probably wondering what kind of work that im doing at seri belanga. here are some of it.

-basuh cawan
-ambik order
-antar air
-bakar otak2
-clean table
-bancur air kalu wafy malas. ( die slalu mmg malas)

da la x tahu nak tlis ape. nnti aku smbung balik, nak gi kje da ni. aduhh, haha.