lagu nya

Monday, September 20, 2010

baru baru, lama nya.

hay guys. it has been a long period since my last update. well, today i started to wrote again. before i begin i would like to wish "SELAMAT HARI RAYA" to all Muslim. i got a few photos of raya that im going to upload and share with u guys latter on. nowaday my schedule is pack with work. i have no time to update my blog. arhh. back before i started working i always updated my blog with quiz,joke and stories. i wanted my blog to be like that again. but my time is limited due to my commitment of work. well i will try to organize my time then so that the blog will always updated with something and feel alive. i have been working i think for about 8 month. wa so long. i learn a lot and gain a lot of money. obviously, haha. since my old phone had causing me a mess of difficulty, i have ended to buy a iphone 3gs soon. can't wait it. i have edequate money just wait for the right price to emerge on. i have plenty more story to share with. maybe i will paragraph it latter. the time shows that it is 5.09a.m now and my eyes are still awake like an owl eyes. i should be dead sleeping now. well its end here then. i will carry it on latter. bye.