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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Political issues in Malaysia

hello and greeting to my follow reader, lately I've been aggressively active in writing a new post on this blog. As we all aware at this moment we are on the verge of election. it's kind of annoying and devastating to see the madness of individual who deeply obsessed with their political party. even our neighbour country Singapore is aware about this chaos. you see, politic is a dirty game. there's no such thing as clean politic in today's reality. both has their own pros and cons. it's up to us to choose wisely which one is better for our future.

I'm 21 years old and world as I view today is not the same as previous one. I'm more matured and could define which one is better for our nation future. During this era, yes I agree that our current political party have made mistakes. in fact, there are a lot of corruptions being made by them.

It's all about money. Money is a very powerful weapon. we are not living in the age where war determine everything. Money can change people mind and with money we can win everything. example. abu is non-smoker person and made himself a promise to keep that principle for the rest of his life. one day ali dared abu to smoke cigar just for one day in return he will give abu rm100. if you were abu, will u accept the offer? that's the power of money and the corruption that happen today. that's basically the idea that i'm trying to communicate here. it happen in today's reality only with different kind of version and a lot more complicated. I'd say even if the opposition wins the election, there are still corruption.

what opposition party offer are indeed interesting and very fascinated. however the offer that they are trying to decoy seems to be beyond logic. is it possible? I'm an accounting student and I have learned some basic economic and how taxes being distribute.

As u guys would know, tax is the main revenue of our country. Revenue that government receive from this sources will be used to enhance and improve the quality of our country infrastructure. Other than that, all subsidies for education, goods like sugar and petrol, ptptn and others are sustainable due to this source of revenue. To abolish so many taxes would reduce the income of our country. In some course, I suspected that there will be an adjustment to increase the rate of personal income tax if they are really going to abolish toll tax, reduce petrol price and reduce the car tax.  Or it's just some sort of decoy to persuade citizen to vote for them.

there are many issues that make me skeptism regarding to the memorandum that apposition party try to promote and bring into our country current system. a lot of fallacies and the argument given by them are not valid and reliable enough to persuade me and simultaneously brings out this doubtfulness. it would take a long post if i would given an opportunity to write it all here despite to the time limitation that void me to do so.

my last regards

to BN if you win stop screw up, and if PR win don't screw up .

Saturday, May 4, 2013

lie is lie

Lie, lie in my definition is something that someone tells or do whether direct or indirectly to escape from the truth for benefit of that particular person whether in good or bad intention. Lie is just a fantasy that one person create to life live better, despite it is actually another path to doom and disaster. some people lie to for fun and some people lie to save their ass from catastrophic. no matter what course it is, big or small lie is a lie. 

Everyone hates lie but yet does it to escape from the truth. this is the fact that most truth are uglier and lie are prettier. people prefer this kind of fact without thinking the consequences that will occurred in the course of future. trust is not something that people will give out easily. it is hard to gain someone's trust. there must be some kind of bond to build up trust on somebody and it takes time. telling the opposite truth will only broken the bond that they have made once it had been compromised. A thousand truth could be wiped away by a single lie. don't ever ever lie to someone that is important to u. this would really hurt them. though the truth are ugly and lie are pretty sometimes they prefer the ugly truth. this is because the truth resemble the reality and reality is where we live on. upon that, its signify the element of a good moral value. telling the truth shows that u are brave to confront your mistake. 

I believe most of us already know this fact. There are always choices in making decision. be wise in determining the best the decision. don't blame others if thing doesn't go according to planned. u are the one who make the move and do the action. why blame others? they are just someone who happened to be in the course of your decision making. Instead of lament around why don't we find alternative and try again. improvise things, ingest and digest atmosphere to see and understand life better. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013


hello peoples, as usual after a long period of missing here I'm writing again. I'm currently on my semester break for two months and 2 weeks has slipped by. for the current period I have not doing anything. I mean I only work on weekend and that leave me 5 days of free time. Upon that, I'm also a freelancer agent, more like an agent for those who want to buy or sell gadget. Basically any type of gadget would do but of course more likely handphone. I have been doing this for quite some time and alhamdullilah, it at least help me to sustain my financial issue.

I don't know what have happened to me, I feel like missing something, its like I've lost my purpose of life. I feel empty. This feeling has been messing with me for a long time ago. It's just that now it's more obvious. Back then before the semester break all I want is to gain back my pointer and have a good result. At that time all my action signifies my purpose, my goal and my aim. But now since I'm on my semester break, all the motivation and action towards that particular goal seems to be paused for a while. At this moment I'm completely lost. I don't know what to do. Everyday I woke up thinking what I wanna do today. This feeling is getting more intense despite how lonely I'm now. I have no one to accompany me. I'm all alone. Even my girlfriend have no time for me. hmm

I have to make a short term goal for this semester break, so that I have something to do. there are a few things that pop out in my mind.

1.get my body in shape
2.make some money
3.spent quality time with my girlfriend

there is another issue, u see, I have a girlfriend, her name is nurul shahira binti abde fadzil. I love her so much, she means everything to me. However this doesn't mean anything if I'm not happy. I don't know, she seems to be acting beyond usual. she's like okay at certain times and at another time she's like left me out of nowhere just like that without telling me any update for the whole day. I'm the who starts the conversation and make the first move. If I didn't make any contact, I don't think we will have any conversation in that particular day. Sometime, I feel stupid, being left in the middle of conversation. she always does that. waiting for her reply has becoming my hobby since this issue merged out. Each morning when I wake up, the first thing I that I do is reaching my phone to see if there's any texts from her. I keep my phone on silent mode all the time, all notification will be notify by led light that I have customized on my blackberry. every time its blinked, I'd grabbed my phone in hope to see her texts. but its doesn't always her that popped out on my screen. this keeps repeating every single day. My love towards her has reached at a level where I wanna make her as my wife. if this is the kind of treatment I get from my future wife, I don't see this could become reality. I don't feel her absence anymore.  The way she treats me is not the same and this has trigger out unwanted feeling if you know what I mean. All I want is her attention and love. Its not like I never spread out these words to her before. She never act like this. she always have time for me. But now its entirely different No matter how busy I'm, I always look out an empty space for her, but why can she do the same for me? I don't know what to do. something doesn't gel here. or maybe I'm over thinking and should just stop making out all this point and let it be.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Critical Thinking : Fallacies Analysis

There are contains of fallacies in article SPM EXAM : Better As needed, not more As by P.Nathan, Kuala Lumpur , NST.
The first fallacies found is regarding to the hasty generalization. Based on claim “Many Malaysians are sceptical about the rosy examination results released year after.” on paragraph 2, the conclusion is invalid and weak. This is because the evident is based on a sample that is not large enough.  Making assumptions about a whole group or range of cases based on a small usual resemble weak claim.
Taking on argument “there is a strong belief that the result have been adjusted to make them acceptable to the public” on paragraph 3. There is defect in this argument.  The argument attempts to appeal to pity. This is because the arguer tries to accept conclusion by making them feel sorry for someone. Upon that, the argument also focused more on the emotional fact rather than the evident itself which clearly prove that it is unreliable and weak.
“Critics say it is simply impossible to score 16 1As unless the passing marks we set ridiculously low” was taken on paragraph 4. This claim is to be subjected to contain fallacy on it. It shows that the fallacy is appeal to authority. This is due to that the claim attempts to used “critics” as a reference to support his claim. Supporting a claim by citing an authority who lacks of expertise on that particular issue is obviously prove that it is not be well supported.  
Accordant to conclusion in paragraph 5 “there is even a story circulating of a student who was sent back to Malaysia after having failed an entrance examination” this shows to be appealed to fear. There are elements of fear and prejudice in it. The writer attempts to create support for their conclusion by the existing of emotional contact on it which is fear and prejudice. Therefore, it is to be concluded that the evident is not strong enough to be valid.                                      
More over there is also a personal attack found in paragraph 5 “that particular student was reputed to have scored 16 1As in the SPM examination.”  The argument focuses more attention on personal characteristic rather on the argument. They seek to discredit opinions by discrediting those who the writer attacks to. It is not necessary to use personal characteristic to make one evident valid.
On paragraph 6, the conclusion “our education should come up with a grading system that is progressive, not one that chums out scores of 1As-scoring students who might actually be mediocre” shows to have weak analogy.  This is because conclusion relies on analogy between two or more ideas. The comparison with those two ideas is not relevant, thus making the conclusion weak.
Above is sample of my assignment regarding to fallacies analysis. I don't know whether I got it right or not. My lecturer told me to do as I please, so here is it. Gonna submit it today. and I mean know, at the moment I'm using internet service provided by KFC. Luckily the connection and is pretty nice. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

semester 5

greeting to my fellow readers, throughout these past days and months I have been busy with several tests and quizzes. after all my final exam are just around the corner and approximately gonna be in 5 more weeks. I found that semester 5 was not that hard compared to last semester. maybe it is due to my level of studios and hard-working that have been improve lately. I'm currently taking 6 subjects that comprise partnership and company law(LAW), fanancial accounting report(FAR250), marketing(MKT), costing(MAF320), critical thinking(BEL), and taxation(TAX). All of these subject are quite challenging and troubled actually. I'm trying hard to get good result for this semester. and kinda hoping to be in Decan List. there is a decreasing regarding to my last semester result 
which still above 3 pointer.
The Librian
Library have become my 2nd home despite I spent half of my day here doing assignments and stuffs. I found that it is entirely tired to walk back to my room and due to that during the gap before the next class begins I will crawl back to the library. even now I'm writing this using one of the library computers. Back at college there is no internet connection provided and it is kinda pain in the ass. we need to walk by to library each time there is a need for internet use. I'm sure there will be no problem for those who have a internet broadband back in their pockets but what happened to those who don't? The authorities really need to improve their facility for the sake of we as a student here. I know they have given us so much, but as u may know internet has becoming a major role in today's life. internet helps us to work smart and less energy and time consume.

I'm currently trying hard to improve my English and this is one of the significant why I invented this blog. the process of improving my English have been going for like 3 years. I'm very bad at it at first. Nowadays my English have slightly been going well. I also managed to get good result in English subject for the whole semester 1, 2, 3 and 4 and hoping semester 5 will come up even better upshot. upon that, I really want to improve my in-fluency in speaking in English. I need someone to talk with me in English. yet, I still have not found one yet. I know I can speak in that language well if i have enough practice. but the issue is my lack of confident have been blocking me in doing that so. the truth is, there are a lot my friends here who can speak very well in English, it is just that I don't have the guts to start English conversation with them. seeing them speaking in English very fluent and smooth make me feels so impress and kinda jealous sometimes. soon or later I will. I will make sure that. 

It has been a while..

hello, first of all I would like to say hi and how grateful I'm to be able to write again on this empty land. yeah, I know it has been a while since the last time I managed to post something here, well I'm not a man who I used to be, a lot have changed due to certain circumstances which have thought me lessons to live life smart and productive. I'm a busy man now. I know it might sound weird to use man to describe myself, but yeah I'm 21 years old now. I used to describe 21 years old person as a totally matured and grown up person when I was a child and now look at me I am 21 years old and yet still not marry. :P I'm officially seen the world for 21 years on February 26th which is on this month. I've reached that age without realize how fast time flies.

A lot have changed regarding on my outlook and internal personality. I'm not the old me anymore who always look skinny and weak. I have been working out with my muscles and been eating a lot. Back in the old days, people used to mock me as "mat pet". The name was given to me due to my physical outlook. I always look weak, thin and feeble. well at that particular time I didn't really care and looked forward about it. Today, when I looked at a thin skinny man I feel sorry and pity to them. now I know how people mirror me back in the old days and yeah I automatically called him "mat pet" as well. haha. I'm glad that I managed to change and to tell u the truth many of my old mates couldn't recognized me till I mention my name. It is quite hard to get to what I'm now. A lot of effort need to be put in and it is not an easy task. "no pain no gain"well everything has a price. u have to work hard to gain it. Upon that, I have also changed my hair style to look tidy and orderly. Hair style and dress up have always be two of my significant fact in contributing how people look at me. Surprisingly not many of us really prioritize and practice that in their life. well, for me first impression is important. people will judge u based on that factor. I know there is a myth where people said "don't judge the book by it cover", however when we looked in today's reality, this is the fact that most of us do."judging by its cover" we already knew about it and we sometimes we did it too. it is something that we couldn't avoid. due to that I intend myself from being judge by others in positive way by making myself look good rather than make them laugh and criticize me in negative way.

I started to be matured in terms of thinking as well, there are phases of life where u started think about your future, your goals and aims. you began to questions, what u are going to be? what have u achieved so far? how long things are gonna be like this? what is the purpose of your life? and many more. things are getting clearer and make sense now. you started to understand why there are needs for education, money and else. It is like a kick start for u go further and make a jump for changing. this is like a motivation that emerges spontaneously and simultaneously stimulate u to be a better person. In my case, when that phase attacked me I started to organized my life, restructuring it to steel and increase my potential in getting what I aims for. I started to make action parallel to my objectives. there are steps that needed to be implemented to reach what u aim for. It is hard to get this feeling and actually make it come to reality. I found it hard for myself too. but what's important is to stay on track and be patient. everything has a risk that u will have to encounter when the time comes. u just need to roll the dice and go with the flow.