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Thursday, December 31, 2009

the return and the reunion

hay blog reader. today my mum and dad had safely returned home. they arrived at senai airport at 12.50 p.m. i was a bit shock when i saw my dad. he has white hair. usually the hair was back. i saw a sparkling on both of my parents faces. they look happy and glad to be back here in malaysia.

btw, my primary school is holding a reunion since our last gathering which was 5 years ago. the reunion will be held at STARHILL at 9 AM on the 3rd of JAN. i can't wait to see how my oldmates look like.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ape yg aku buat slama x update. haha

i feel guilty leaving my blog dusty. so this is it. well i don't know what to write on. i think i will just write on what i spend during my long holiday. basic routine long sleep and online chating with friends. during these few weeks my time table had changed a lot. i slept at day and awake at night. i spend a lot chating on ym and myspace . i have made a few new friends that share same time table as me. my day was getting bored each day. i don't know what to do. i will find a job after my dad and mom return from makkah on 30/12/09. yes i do miss them. you were probably wondered what is the connection between the photo i uploaded with my new post. well actually it has nothing to do with my new post . haha. i just want to make my new post a bit more interesting. so you would be more attracted to read it. haha. the picture was taken by acik during hangout time at cs. i had fun hangout with them.

bahasa melayu pulak laa. ahaha. bahasa english aku da la tunggang lenggang. ahaha. pic ni mase aku lepak dngn wafi,aby dngn aizat ahad lepas. best ar jugak time ni. lepak dkat cs la mcm biasa. sini mane je tmpat nak lepak. ahaha. tenguk avatar walaupun aku da tenguk lyn je la. best kn cerita dia. haha. selepas aku habis menonton avatar aku pergi pule ke ss dngn meraka. shisha2 la pulaa. haha. adoiit. lepas tu balik. aku plan nak keje dngn wafi ni dkat angsana. tp xtahu mcam mana. dia ckp tahun depan nak menggunakn orang nnti. tp kita tunggu dan lihat la mcm mana nnti. kita hanya mampu merancang tuhan yg menentukn, cehh bajet plak ayat. bahaha. ok la tu je la. aku pun x tahu nak tulis apa. da la da pukul 2 pagi ni, tp x ngntuk lagi. sperti yg aku ckp di post diatas. jadual aku da lain sekarang. haha.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

it is my day.

so, it has been a while since last day i updated my blog and you guys were probably wondered what was happening. well, nothing is happening to me actually. im just not in the mood of blogging lately. to filzah and faeez. sorry for the delay, u guys were probably anoyyed because i updated my blog pretty late. just watch on my chat box and read what they have wrote. haha. they expected my blog to be updated at the day that we hangout. but here im updating my blog today. haha. i had a great time with filzah and faeez during that hangout. when with them the time will always full with jokes and laugh and that what make me feel awesome about them. they were like difference from the other. i love hangout with them and please to be invited by them again for one more trip. we went for a movie btw. like i said before the movie was avatar and AVATAR was totaly out of my range. i didn't expect the movie was going to be like these. i thought the movie is going to be like lame and boring. but the truth is the movie it is beyond your imagination and u should watch the movie. like should should should watch. it is full of fantasy and uniqe. the CGI was maximumly drag you to the real life. btw filzah and faeez u guys were wicked cool. i had fun with u guys.

btw during these few days, i spent a lot on this website watching anime episode. yasterday i spent like 5 hour watching anime episode and it was free. the quality of the video and the sound was cleaner and sharper compare to youtube. if u feel like u have much time to wasted on. just waste it on this website, there is also a few of korean drama being updated weekly. do check it out. the website is pretty cool.

on this morning which is today. well not totally in the morning. it was at 12.30 p.m i was woken by a phone call and it was from the 7-elaven asking me for an interview at 7-eleven persisiran perling on this monday. i didn't remembered what she wants me to bring on that day. because i was still in state of bluriness. after all she is a girl. the soft voice is making me felt more sleepy like she was an angel singing on my ear. haha. after she is done talking i continue my sleep like it was no big deal to me. haha. when im awake i realized that it will be my 1st interview and it should be a big deal . well i better prepare for the day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wednesday movie day

Wednesday, all of you probably already know it was a movie day, and obviously a lot of people will hangout at that day and the mall will be crowded with people and im one of the victim on that day who hangout to watch the movie. in jb the main mall that people will rush in to is city square(cs). so as im a johorean i also went out there. i arrived at cs at 4.30 p.m. at that day i finally watched new moon. the movie was awesome. i love the warewolf. they were like strong and have muscling body. it was pretty cool though. i have much fun although im alone, well not completely alone all the time. before the movie started to roll out at 6.30 pm. i meet a few of my friends. they are acik,ahyie and a bunch of their friend which i can't remember their name. haha. the movie stop to roll at 8.40 p.m and at 9.40 p.m i went back home. one hour before i went home i meet them again. "lepak2"

next time i planned to watch "SANTAU". the trailer were pretty spooky and i can't wait to watch it. but i still have not decided yet who i want to watch the movie with. dikdaaa? mariii2. hahaha.

ini dia encik ekaa. kawan si dikda. mula2 aku kenal dia aku ingtkan lagi tua dari aku ke same baye ke. rupa2 nye budak2 lagi. dia baru 16. haha. nmpak tua. cuba byg kn kalu dia 20. msti mcm 30. bahaha. aku knal dia sbb aku kenal acik. acik nie bf diaa. nak tahu acik yg mana? acik pun nnti2 je la aku tulis eh babee? haha. minah ni sngt sexy walaubagaimana pun aku tidak terguda skali pun. nahaha. minah ni suka menganjing, die mcm nak kene templingg jee beb dngn waa. bahaha. td wa tenguk pic ic dia. pehhh. kalu skrng dia sama mcm dalam pic uh aku xtahu apa acik akan bwat. bahaha. ok la tu jee. apa2 pun best lyn kpala dia ini.

before i almost forgot. i just recieved a call from filzah asking me if i were free or not tomorow. she probably wants to hangout before going to kl with her family. faeez , filzah and i. tomorow we will hangout to cs maybe. faeez wants to watch avatar and filzah owe me one movie ticket and one set of macdonal. haha. so im please to hangout with them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

finally im playing the guitar.

finally the vid is done. watch my cover on hujan - gundah. i uploaded the vid just for fun. my school age is over and now i have plenty of time to waste. here is some on what i have wasted for during my long priod of holiday.


u probably asking question in your mind "where is the vid?" after reading my newest update below. i don't know what went wrong. on this morning at 2 a.m i uploaded the vid on youtube normally but when the upload completed the vid only achive until 47 second from the total of 2 minutes? wtf. whre is the rest? i wait almost 3 hour but all i got is 47 second? wtf?! once againt im pissed off. ahh. maybe i will shown to you my vid cover another time. and i know my grammar suck. so please don't laugh. correct me please.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

im playing guitar,

ahh. just like another night. i am bored , bored and bored. so to made my day more valuable and less bored. i filled it by playing the guitar. i wanted to improve my guitar skill by learning new type of guitar chord which is call jazz chord. the chord is much harder than i thought it would be and i kept on practicing until i get it right. below is my vid cover on hujan - gundah using jazz chord. my voice is a bit croacky. ahaha. hope u enjoy my vid cover although it is such an embaressing moment of me. nahh. who cares. haha. it takes several hour to upload it on youtube that i just registered a few moment before and that pissed me off. durhhh. im tired of waiting for it to complete. i have to hold on almost 3 hour before publishing my new post.

Friday, December 11, 2009

mari mmbaca karangan

ini ada karangan budak2 sekolah rendah, ahaha. ADA punye mase kecik2 die upload. haha xde la ni karangan makcik ADA pnye murid2 skula renda. sila la baca. agak menjengkelkan. ahaha. (klick pada gambar untuk tumbersaran)

lepak time.

okkkkk sumaaa. gilaaaaa. itu ayat pertama dalam new post aku kali ni. haha. td keluar cs. boleh la tahan best. mula2 plan nak tenguk wyg. skali xjd. bwah umur. bagusjuga jimat duit aku. haha. lepak dgn zizi, zul, martin, faz dngn minah2 form 3 yg x berapa nak matang. ahaha. ape bnde je la dorang td kat mph. aku datang2 tinggalkn aku dngn helda. sentoii. bukan nak lepak skali. haihhh. xpaham aku. yg miera sentoi ni plak x abis2. pegi la afiq. pegi la afiq. nak kene tumbuk? haha. ngoi. last2 ckp dngn aku jngn prasan. padahal dorang yg over. aku biasa2 jee. haihh. enough with that. slepas itu kitrang balik nek faz. faz yg gila. x abis2 dngn ayat wiki wiki diaa. haha. nmpak awek je menjerit. "wiki wiki!" dngn nada suara yg halus. haha. ngoii. aku pun nak tiru la. "wiki! wiki!" haha.

ini pada hari rabu lusa lepas pula. aku pegi cs juge, tp sbelum uh gi umah kawan aku dkat uda tu. afiq. sbb nak pegi lepak cs dngn dia. lepas tu lepak cs ramai orang siut. gilaaaa. sesak. nak tenguk movie pun x dapat. sampai cs jumpa dngn encik moshie. lepak la dngn dia skejap. da la tinggi. gila menggalah. haha. die ckp aku mcm malu2. padahal dia yg malu2 cehh. haha. lepas itu aku pegi lepak roibo. minum2. dkat situ ada eka, acik, ada, ana, amar, dhia, ada lagi len tp x ingt. aku lepak dngn acik and eka kejap bebual sket2 je. mmber aku ada susah sket. lepas tu lepak dngn amar jalan2 merayap. lepas uh sham msg. lepak dngn sham skali jalan. skejap je dngn dia, lepas tu balik tumpang ana punya bf. pastu ada die ckp die suke dngn tambi yg sluar pendek tu. die ckp mamat tu ensem, amende je, ahahaha. lepas tu mlm lepak ss dngn afiq. bwak lappy dngn shisha. waaa. best siut, smpoi jer.ahaha. overnight kol 11.30 gitu kot kiterang lepak ss. on ym wc dngn zul. haha. xda keje. lepas uh suwuh die datang ss ambik bawak balik. haha. tp sbelum uh lepak2 dulu jalan2 cari hantu, gila la. tmpat uh seram siak. aku x tahu la belum masuk lagi. baru dkt depan tu je. zul da memandai bukak tingkap. skali da smpai dpan uh kitarang da tutup tingkat dpan. blakang belum, tibe2 xleh tutup en tingkap. gila seram. pdahal xlock beb. bpak dia. x seram plak. terus pecut. da jauh dari tmpat uh baru leh tutup tingkap. seram siut mase uh. lepas uh pegi susur. haha, saja usha2, lawa sia mukaa. tp syg skali jantan la bhai. haha. pkai xmcm sexy plak. tp x terangsang langsung sbb laki. haha. zul suka dorang suma en, die siap switt2 lagi, ahaha. pastu da round2 balik. balik je on ym chat dngn ada zz dngn zul yg dol tuh, ahaha. da sedap2 bwat chat room tibe2 ade prob plakk. kecuh jer, last suma blaa. haha. lepas itu tido da suma.

ini dia ada. atau pun nama boleh dipanggil ADAAABIII. ahaha. die suka mkn kari sbb tu orang panggil dia ada, shortcut daripada adabi. ahaha. xdalah aku saja merepek, mkn kerepek. haha, nama dia shuhada. aku knal minah ini da lama da. dari form 1. haha. die dulu busuk gile mase form 1. ade ingus meleleh. slebet gila. haha. pastu dia suka ckp "ohh shit man" haha. merapuk je die ni. bile terperanjat pun, "oh pocot oh shit man" mcm tu la ayat die. haha. die ni sebaye dngn aku. 17 juge. tp mcm 71. ahaha. tenguk pic dia. lidah tejeleh jelehh. nak lap ingus la tu. hahaha. ok la. tu je la. mlas da. haha


  1. banyak2 rumah, rumah ape yg banyak gune air?
  2. ape bnde yg mahal dkat BMW?
  3. kalu korang terer, gajah terbang dngn ape?
  4. bende ape yg korang susah payah cari, bile da jumpe buang jer.
  5. aku ade 3 kepala, 4 kaki, 5 kepala. siapekah aku?
  6. ape die ayam diluar,ikan didalam?
  7. kenape abu bwat jahat banyak kali, tp bwat baik sket je?


  1. rumah tebakar
  2. huruf "W". sbb bile tukar jd "X" jd BMX da murah.
  3. gajah terbang dengan susah payah.
  4. tahi hidung
  5. pembohong
  6. sadin cap ayam
  7. sbb mak die ckp "buat baik perpada-pada, bwat jahat jngn skali"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sudah habis.

today is my last day of school and for the last time im wearing school uniform and i am suppost to be happy right now and enjoy the day with my friends. instead of being happy, now i feel dull and blank. the days that im going through now will be less productive. like i have no point to get through in my life. i think maybe because before these the whole day of my life is spent at the school. i spent almost 11 years in the school age. now all is going to change. no more early wakeup, the teacher, school uniform,good morning greeting,and the monday caremony. ahh. feel kind of sad. i will missing my shcool journey. nowadays the path is defferent then before. i need to be more mature and open minded. the outsite world that are waiting for me is a lot more different and advantureus than the past one. hope i can handle it well. well now i think these few weeks i will hangout with my freind and travell to other state. KL maybe. after that before the SPM result come out i will work part time. probably at cs. arhh. still don't know yet where to work. gonna make some money. i want to buy the things that important in my daily routine. before spm i have made a bucket list for those item. haha. and here is it.
  • handphone
  • guitar electric
  • new dektop
  • topshop item
i think these few items are enough to statisfy the life that i have today. to own these item were my dream. i hope the dream will be realist soon. to my schoolmate outsite there, hope we will stay connect axcept for this one person that made my life such a tragic. arhh. she is the worst person that i known in my intire life and god. i wish i din't know her at all in the first place. she brought the worst nightmare in my life journey. furtunately the nightmare is over and today i have a better life. thanks to these word that i admire most. "great patience comes with great reward". these word help me a lot in handleling those situation. da sampai sini je la. malas da. da la lapaar. english aku kunfem ade byk salah. mampuih. haha (filzah tlong betul kn ape yg patut haha)

ini dikda diberi nama. petah bersuara didalam msg sahaja.bila berjumpa dia diam x terkata. tetapi bila bergambar beraksi sana. haha. ini la dia, budak sentoi. budak ni knal sbb kawan eka. nak tahu eka sapa pula nnti2 jea la. haha tunggu wa post baru. die nie bajet. dalam ym ke ms petah. haha. bila depan "its ok" je ayat dia. ahaha. ape2 je la minah ni. ahaha. di sbb kan dia mmbaca blog gua dan mengikuti liku2 siku2 suma perjalanan blog aku. jadi sbagai menghargai jasa. cehh. hahaha. aku tulis je la pasal dia kasik blog ni terisi sket. haha. die ni umur 16. tp mcm 61, haha. da la bajet tinggi minah ni. die suka mkan sutong kalu tuan2 nak tahu. haha. ahh. sbelum telupa. sapa nak jd bf dia kena beli kn beg laptop. xde keje en? haha. korang ambek je la beg laptop mak korang kalu nak jd bf dia. beg pasar pun bleh kot, ala bukan dia tahu. asal beg dia petak mcm laptop sudahh. ahahaha. ok sakian , hahaha. jngn morah ya. haha

teka teki

  1. banyak2 bas, bas ape yg pandai?
  2. banyak2 tanjung, tanjung ape yg gila?
  3. abu bawak moto laju gila. skali die telanggar ape?
  4. bayak2 anti korang. yg mana satu anti korang ade kat komputer ?
  5. teka teki teka tekuk, ular mati dalam mangkuk. ape ada dalam mangkuk?

  1. bas sekolah
  2. tanjung rambutan
  3. langgar peraturan
  4. anti virus
  5. bangkai ular
  1. harimau mati meninggalkn belang, gajah mati meninggalkn gading. manusia mati meninggalkn dunia
  2. biar putih tulang, jngn kuning gigi
  3. harap kn pagar, pagar pagar tak boleh harap
  4. habis madu sepah jngn buang merata2.
  5. sepandai2 tupai melompat xdapat masuk olimpik juga.
haha. itu je la yg dapat aku merepek kan di update kali ini. haha. harap sapa yg baca bleh layan

Monday, December 7, 2009

mari2 movie,kunci.teka-teki.

haaaaaah. i think today i will use english on my new post. i don't know why. for fun kot. so as usual, today was a BORING day after all. just like THE days before. YESTERDAY i went to my friend house. adib, we planNED to watch ninja assasin. sadly the plan had to be cancelled out. haaah. one more BORING day is added in my 2009 calendar which is going to end soon. the whole day was SPENT in adib'S house only. we played guitar and learned new songs and shared problems. haaah. then i STUDIED chemistry with his younger brother afiq which is the same age of me. i slept late at his house. still feel a bit sleepy now. but i think i can handle it. at 11.30 which is today. adib senT me home. but when i reached home the gate and all other loackable things were locked and i didn't brings the keys. waaaa. great. zul WAS in my house. but he WAS probably still a sleeping i think. and my guess was right, ADIB AND I knocked the door hardly,bell and screamm. "wehhh zul ambik kuncingg. bangun!" but THERE WAS NO RESPOND "aku rasa zul ni da mampus." haha. luckily i saw my keys on the table. but i have to reach it with A long stick. lepas uh aku kait la kunci uh pkai kayu panjang dngn cangkuk dkat dpan custum made aku bwat sndiri. ehhh? knapa tibe2 aku tulis bahasa melayu. lntak ar. haha, lepas tu aku kait punya kait dapat kunci dan masuk la kerumah. haha. masuk2 tulis blog ni sambil ym dngn si moshi dngn filzah. haha. lepas uh malas nak sambungg ceritaa. malas laa. haha.

mari jawab teka-teki
(jngn curi2 lihat jawapan. usaha dahulu)

  1. byak2 kucing. kucing apa ada 2 kaki?
  2. byak2 kucing, kucing apa ada 3 kaki?
  3. byak2 kucing, kucing apa ada 4 kaki?
  4. byak2 kucing, kucing apa ada 5 kaki?
  5. byak2 kucing, kucing apa x ada kaki?
  6. byak2 kucing, kucing apa ada 9 kaki?
  7. bangunan apa paling tinggi didunia?
  8. tangah2 bulan ade ape?
  9. byak2 kon, kon ape yg digunakan utk mmbuka?
  10. byak2 mi, mi apa ada tahi lalat?
  11. byak2 kereta, kereta ape yg x dipanggil kerta?


  1. doraemon
  2. kucing cacat
  3. kucing normal
  4. kucing cacat lagi.
  5. kuching sarawak
  6. kucing 4 kaki lepak kaki 5. (4+5=9)
  7. masjid. sbb die mengapai bulan dan bintang
  8. tangah BULAN ade huruf "L"
  9. konci.
  10. milah
  11. teksi

Sunday, December 6, 2009

mari baca komik

ini dia komik aku edit. xnmpak. klik la nnti jd besar. haha. baca la dialog dia, merepek je aku tulis, ahaha. btw, aku ade satu laman web nak share kepada korang yg minat pada mangga, atau korang gila otaku. haha. laman web ni sama update komik anime yg top ada. antara nya naruto,bleach one peace dan laen2. komik2 lama pun ada juga. dragon ball. haha. ok la ini web dia. korang leh baca free xpayah register. jadi mari la sama2 mmbuang masa membaca dan mengikuti perjalanan cerita kegemaran korang. haha.

jmput2 dan pntun. haha

waaaaaa. td pagi wa bgun kol 9 nak hampir pukul 10.bangun2 mengeliat la ape lagi. haha. lepas tu terus ambil lappy. cek cek. minah ym ini ada. konon mcm bajet la dia gimik dngn gua. konon sedih. elehh. da la belum mandi mcm gua juga. ahaha, ini skrg pun aku belum mandi. ahaha. malas. ni baru makan jemput. knyang dan lazat lagi mnyelerakan, jeles x? ahaa. lihat pic itu. jemput kuh. ada didalam perut kuu, ahaha. mmbe gua mcm biasa la die tido jee. da xdapat makan jemput2. msti dia kempunan. nahaha. nenek aku kejut xnak bngun. ini wa ngh ym dngn minah moshi tu. dia kata dia tinggi. kita lihat sapa tinggi. tp yg pasti gua tahu dia busuk dan xmndi, haha. ini ada lagi pntun baruu, haha. saja boasan.

hari ini hari ahad.
hari esuk hari isnin.
kalu hari ini hari ahad.
esuk hari isnin la.

buah cmpedak diluar pagar.
ambik galah tlong julukkn.
saya budak baru belaja.
kanapa suruh saya juluk?

2 3 kucing belari.
mana kn sama si kucing belang.
2 3 dapat ku cari
4 5 6 7 lu cari satu orang la.

ada ubi ada batas.
ada hari boleh balas.
ape bnda yg dia nak balas?
ubi la. itu pun xtahu. ahaha

hahaha. ini la merepekk gua. merapu jee. pagi2 ni. biasa laa. hahabosan nokkk

Saturday, December 5, 2009


arhhhh. malam ni bosan nyooott.xda apa yg extraordinary, ceh english la konon, ahaha. td nenek aku xabis2 suruh makan. atas tu muka nenek aku. gila bising. haha. dngr je la dia ckp apa. nak jawab pun xboleh. die kurang pendngaran, akan ttp. dia baek sngt. so pegi je la mkn. mmber aku yg si zul tu suka la dia. nenek aku suruh makan. dia mmng num 1 kalu mkan2 ni. haha.

haaihhhh. hari ni xda sapa onl. budak ym aku yg best2 xda onl. slalu ada nmpak dia tercongok. ini xda pulaa. lyn jea la myspace. haha. kalu x, boleh maen gaduh2 dngn budak ym. boleh maen bg kaki ibu jari kaki suma. lembu kambing suma ada masuk, ahaha. rasa mcm nak kuar pula mlm ni. tp kena tunggu suma tidur. bwak eheeeem2. kene snyap. so shssssss yea sumaaa. snyaaap, haha. hidup kena penuh advanture. haha.

ni tv ade twilight. ntah. aku mcm x lyn. aku tenguk mcm slow je cerita dia, kanapa la budak2 suka cerita uhh. haha. ini ada lagi satu cerita.

td aku mmber aku makan sambal dia cakap asl x pedas. lepas tu die tanya aku sambal ape ni x pedas. aku pun jawab la. ni la "sambal xpedas" haha. siapa kah budak yg mkn smbal itu? msti anda semua ingin tahu. ini dia teka teki. masuk tandas pkai selipar. nak sidai kaen bawak bakul. kalu korang nak tahu siapa. sidai kaen bwak la la bakul. ahahaha. ye la straight to the point, zul la, ahaha. :P saja kasik pnjang lebar sket penulisan gua. ahaha

kecoh laa.

haihhhh. aku baru nak kuar lepak dngn mmber aku adib. skali akak aku plak kuar umah. nenek aku ade. da x dapat kuar da. kecuh leee. aku kene jage nenek aku. die x leh duk sorangg. haihhhh. baru ingt nak kuar. mlm ni mcm nak lepak ss. da lama xshisha. pastu balik study chemis kot. ahaha. mcm study. mmbe aku ckp nak kasik moto kalu aku dapat A+ haha. boleh pecaya keaa? ahahah. aku harap chemist aku dapat la A. usaha usaha nokkkk. ahhaha

hari ini hari sabtu

hari ini hari sabtuu. gila bosan. spatut nye aku pergi melepak hari ni. haha. tp mcm xda budak. duit pun xda. duit yg mana aku kasik hilang. smpat menjamah rm50 jea. sapa ntah rembat. ergggh.geramm. kureng asammmmm. tp spm da nak abiss. aku nak pkai duiiittt.
aduiit. nnti mcm mana nak hangout. tidaaakkkk. haihhhh. tpaksa la mencari keja,

ini zul ada di rumah aku. dia tido jee. x mndiee. haha
badan dia busuk. abis bilik aku bebau. haha. sngoii punye budak. ahaha. tp lyn kepala dia boleh gilaaa. ahhaha. sbb dia slalu gilaa.

ini filzah. dia pndai. pastu gila market dkat skulaa. ahaha.
layan kepala dia pun boleh gilaaa. lepas ni aku nak swuh dia baca blog ini. ahaha. aku saja je latak pic pic mmber2 aku. ahaha. x tahu nak masuk kn ape dkat dlm blog ni. so aku hetam jeee. ahaha. sapa je la yg bace en ahahaha.mampuih arrr. lntakkk. ahaha. aku da la bosan kambingg, xda apa nak bwat. tetapi td sahabat karib kuh yg lama nak datang drumahh. nama dia haziq fikri. aku pun xtahu apa mimpi dia nak datang umah aku. ingt lagi dia dkat aku. ahaha. ngt kn da lupa daa.

rakan ym kuh.

ini dia encik moshie. die ni slalu x mandie. pagi2 onl ym sama2 dngn gua belum mandie. ahaha. aku slalu chat dngn dia. walaupun die busuk en belum mandie. tp gua sanggup mengharungi semua ini. ahaha. :P die slalu ckp gongjeng. gila doee. ahaha. wa slalu ym dgn dia. best. ahaha. kdang2 wc. muka comel.ehee. skrng pun ngh ym dngn dia, biar dia baca ape gua post. die slalu nak gaduh dngn gua beb. pastu kasik kaki. wa sedih beb. knapa die bwat gua mcm ini. apakah salah kuhh? ahahaha. adoiit. da la, mlas nak tulis panjang2. nnti aku bwat new post lagi. skrng nak smbung godeh2 blog ini. so the journey begins "lagi skali"haha

aku x prasan

hahaha. sbenar nye aku da lama ada blog.aku ingt kn blog lame aku ni da hilang. rupe nye ade lagi. jibunn. aku ingt yg dulu2 aku bwat tu mcm mmbazir. haha.x sangka aku da maen blog dari tahun 2007 dahulu kala.ahaha. jadi kesimpulan nye skrng ni aku baru nak aktif blog.haha. so agak tidak reti la. kesian blog aku ni. berhabuk je x usik. mcm teddy bear tu. xpe2. lepas ni aku xkn sia2 kn kaw. hari ni baru nak godeh2 suma. ahaa. and so the journey begins. ahaha