lagu nya

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

days before i quit.

hayy. im still working on the background image, the laptop that im using now didn't equip with adobephotoshop in it. guess i have to download and install it soon. now i just want to share u this picture. the picture was taken at old town cafe a few day ago before i quit my job. the food here was excellent with reasonable price. the place is suitable for people to chilling around while resting their breath. the atmosphere here was great. enough bout that, i got 4 days left to the admission. time was running quicker than i aspected i guess. now i quit my job for real. at my work station setia tropica there is this new guy helping us. his name is yasser. he was from iran but now he is staying in malaysia for about 6 years from what i heard. he was my 1st Iranian friend and was my first outsider friend, what i mean is not from malaysia la. yasser is sitting beside the guy that wearing a cap and the other side of the cap man, there is this guy wearing blue shirt right? he was my bos, norman. well i got one iranian picture below.

do i look iranian? cute right? haha.

Monday, December 20, 2010

finally it is done.

fuhh. finally it is done. i just finished edit the picture ab0ve. it has been a long time i have not used the adobe photoshop. guess i still got the skill and the art in my mind. in the old day art was always be my game, but time change people change. i still love art but it was not the same as before. actually i want to customize my blog appearance. well as u can see, i just finished the picture for the header. now im preparing the picture for my background. probably i will begin working on it tomorrow. i got plenty picture that i want to edit on. i want to sleep now. i have not sleep since yesterday you know. now i got panda spot all around my eyes, nvm la. still cute. haha. :P

Sunday, December 12, 2010

new look new goal

yohh. here im back to student look. with short hair various people didn't recall me. i feel like a new afiq now. just cut it last week due to my up coming admission to uitm soon. hope these new look not only change my external self but also my internal self. well uitm here i come baby.can wait to meet up with new people there. the truth is i feel a bit of mix feeling here. the life i had now is dissimilar with the life that im running in soon. hope i can fit it equanimity. i know i will feel superb bored there. my most time will be spending in the room sleeping. arhh. compare to here in jb, every day is equipped with enjoyable things to do. shisha jamming movies. guess i had to force it out now. what matter now is to get excellent result in my study. i want to make my parent proud and show them im worth. i want to have a first-class life in the future. aminn.

quick hang

the picture was taken on last week. i went out to macD with azizi,ikin and filzah. u guys probably wondering where is filzah? well we were waiting for her at this time. this was just a quick hang. we all got our own pack time routine. to tell u the truth, it is not easy to plan out and meet them like this due to their own commitment.coincidently, all four of us got a free slot at this time. so we meet up chatting and share stories. although it just a quick hang, it was worth it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

masa kecik

ni gmbar aku mase 4 tahun kot. ntah x ingt. yg aku tahu time ni aku cute jee. skrng xtahu la an cute lagi ke x. aku rase ade kot skit. haha. tenguk kene suap dngn mak. alololo. ahaha. mase ni bufday aku kalu x silap. best gilee. dapat basikal. tp basikal tu da hilangg. aku nak basikal tu balikk. pulang kn basikal kuhhh. haha. ok la tu je la. kang aku merepek byk2 kang jd ape plak. nnt aku nak masuk kn gmbar aku time skema. bahaha. msti lawak sia. aduii.


the above pictures is an old one. just want to share it with u guys. the truth is i have no idea on what to type in here. since i quit my job i only sleep sleep and sleep. so there is nothing much to talk about. i saw these picture on my hp and decided to upload here to make my blog readable. i went to starhill with nazrin,fauzi,faisal and abby during their holiday. we had amazing day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

muat turun percuma.

heyy peeps. just found out this profitable website. frequently people download a mp3 using limewire or other software. well guess what, now you can download mp3 for free here. just type in the song title on the search bar and it directly brought you to the link where u can download it for free. u also can listen to the mp3 before u download it. do check it out yourself. make sure to listen the song 1st before u download to confirm it. it may turn out to be a virus. so careful. my opinion is to choose mp3 with high rating on it to avoid file that may harm your computer system. enjoy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

throughout the day

hey guys. well here is the new update. i just QUIT my job a week ago. im totally free like a bird now. so who wants to hang just give me a quick call for sure i will agree. no more tiring day,no more income. :( although i still miss my work station. enough about that. on the day i quit my job i went to kl with my friend FARID. the idea of going there was to buy things for my study admission and have a quick hangout. but the plan seems to ran off the track. the main reason i quit was because i thought i will be in politeknik malaca on 28NOV but unfortunately not. a few days a go the admission result to uitm came out and i got picked up to UITM MALACA in ACC on 27DEC.what a blessing news. i just got back from kl 3 days ago. now i got nothing to do. damn bored. i think i will be heading to kl again in the next few weeks. the picture on the left side had nothing to do with this post. it is just a random pick to make my blog attractive. the picture was taken at my work place at SETIA TROPIKA.

here are some news i want to share with u guys. a few weeks ago before i quit my job i got a day off. throughout that day i felt so damn bored and decided to buy one. well now the console is standing proudly beside my tv and ps3 was awesome. my ps3 is a modified version. with the modified version i can play download game like psp. now i can play ps3 game for free. just download it. so who wants to play just give me a pay. haha xD


my hand wrist feel light and a bit windy without any accessory on. hence i decided to buy this simple and sexy swatch watch. with grey mix with a bit of orange for the highlight oh it is just the perfect one to fit on my hand wrist.

there is plenty more i want to share with, maybe next time. the truth is my mom just woke up and bableling at me cause im still awake screwing with her laptop. haha. well goodnight fellow friends. :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

baru baru, lama nya.

hay guys. it has been a long period since my last update. well, today i started to wrote again. before i begin i would like to wish "SELAMAT HARI RAYA" to all Muslim. i got a few photos of raya that im going to upload and share with u guys latter on. nowaday my schedule is pack with work. i have no time to update my blog. arhh. back before i started working i always updated my blog with quiz,joke and stories. i wanted my blog to be like that again. but my time is limited due to my commitment of work. well i will try to organize my time then so that the blog will always updated with something and feel alive. i have been working i think for about 8 month. wa so long. i learn a lot and gain a lot of money. obviously, haha. since my old phone had causing me a mess of difficulty, i have ended to buy a iphone 3gs soon. can't wait it. i have edequate money just wait for the right price to emerge on. i have plenty more story to share with. maybe i will paragraph it latter. the time shows that it is 5.09a.m now and my eyes are still awake like an owl eyes. i should be dead sleeping now. well its end here then. i will carry it on latter. bye.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


aku da dkat kl da ni. stay umah wafi the jambu. baru je la jgak smpai ari kamis. ni abng die pun ade skali farid. lepak dngn dia suma ari sabtu ritu dkat pavi tenguk "the crazies" wafi die x mcm byk kali lak tekejot. nasib dia x peluk aku kn. haha. aku ingt cerita the crazies tu cite bunuh2. rupe nye zombie. bleh la lyn an citer uh. haha. hari ni xde plan. stay rumah wafi je pastu ptg pegi swim. balik umah tido kol 10 baru bngun lyn tv aim lpas uh terus update blog ni.


ni kat toilet ss. ade byk gile snap pic kat toilet ni. malas nak upload semue. haha satu je sudah. mase hari rabu ni aku wafi the jambu aby dngn adek the tom yam lepak cs dulu, tenguk hooperz. haha. lyn jugak la cite die. hari rabu ni mmng lepak habis ar. lepas lepak cs gerak ss mlm shisha smpai lebam. pastu malam karoke plak dkat diva dngn sue, kol 4 pagi baru balik. haha. x snap plak pic dkat diva. aduii.


aku sbenar nye ade byk bnde nak update tp wire usb aku xde. ade byk pic nak masukkn vid pun. ade. aduii. aby ar ni pinjam. aby yg pkai baju putih uh dlm pic. len kali je ar aku update pnjang lebar. haha.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

lame x update.

so here is it. after long period of my lost. now im once again typing my blog. im now busy working at seri belanga angsana with wafy the jambu. today is my last day, i probably going to miss my working day. i have earns various of experience during my journey here. i learn a lot of goodness and badness that can help improve my life. i have met numerous of age group and made new friend. u guys probably wondering what kind of work that im doing at seri belanga. here are some of it.

-basuh cawan
-ambik order
-antar air
-bakar otak2
-clean table
-bancur air kalu wafy malas. ( die slalu mmg malas)

da la x tahu nak tlis ape. nnti aku smbung balik, nak gi kje da ni. aduhh, haha.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

guitar = girl friend

day by day, it turn out to be bored and bored. goshhh. i wish i could have someone who i can talk and do things together. guitar was my only buddy that i could satisfied my time when im at home, he was the only one who always accompanied me during sadness,bored and loneliness. wish you were a girl who i can communicate with. but when i looked at the other way , it turned out to be a good thing for me surprisingly. by doing that so. my guitar skill will grown hastily and i consume my time is not wasted then. but still i think i need someone. somebody please be my best buddy. i have met so many, but yet there is no one suitable. there is no one who manage to grap my heart. well particularly there is one girl. but nahh. haha. well my guitar. do not worry my dear. you will never be abandon when somebody emerged to be my best buddy or should i call my girl friend. beside,when that happens. you will now be used more frequently for her. haha. well blog reader, what was i'm crapping just now?. haha. merepek ajeee, filzahhh. mcm biasaaaa. haha.

hari da x sekolah. aku saje menganjing budak2 sekolah msg dorang seruh bangun pegi sekolah. memandangkan aku pun masih terjaga da tidak tahu berbuat ape. maen guitar je, kacaw la budak2 ni. ahaha. antara mangsanya ialah dikda. da 2 kali die kene. bahaha. padan muka dia. aku pagi ni lapa. so aku panaskn ayam merah ngap 3ketul. lepas itu masak telur 2 biji. bwat sndwic. dngn bwang da kobis. waa sedap2. baru je bwat ni. da aku nak mkn sanwic uhh. haha. bye2 semuaaa. hahaha.

Friday, January 1, 2010

welcome 2010.

just want to have a short update. firstly i want to welcome to our new year 2010 and goodbye to you 2009. a happy new year to all my fellow friends. new year means a new journey toward glory which if you choose a wise path. hope the life that i have will be brighter than the past year and please forgive me for all unpleasant things that i might done to you. we are human being , we can't escape from making mistake. let the past be the past. what's important is we learn from our past mistakes and try to reconstruct ourself to be a better person. when i looked at my past year which was in 2009 , there were much that must be fixed. 2009 was my worst year ever. a lot of tragic things were burden me during the month of july-sept. fortunately i manage to handle it well and it is all over now. all thanks to this word "great patient comes with great reward" which i created myself to overcome the situation. well it is all over now. like what i have said before. let the past be the past. now 2010 will be my new adventure. i'm a grownup person now. well from the appearance i may look childish but don't underestimate what is inside. for your information , i have a 1000 years old mind. so do be careful when making a conversation with me. ahaha. :P to survive a new type of adult lifestyle a modification must be done to my days schedule. the picture on the left side of the post was taken by faeez in the year of 2009 at Cikgu Rabiah house during addmath tuition. obviously , i am going to miss each person in that picture. well then goodbye 2009 . enough with the speech. as usual FILZAH my English mentor please check my English and tell me what to correct. ahaha. (ni a short update plak kan?) ahahaha