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Saturday, March 5, 2011

that day till today.

well here im siting in front of my keyboard typing on this blog. just in a zast im in uitm for 3 months. time was running fast and i did not realize it so much. before i entered here my goal to become whom i desire was deeply strong and yet now im laying around with wasted stuff. things that obviously now not is so obvious. despite more blurriness is emerging. each day my aim is moving towards other. Maybe the lackness off performing the Muslim responsibilities is one of the major fact my aim is being move away. Actually this post had been written earlier, at that particular time i was in my friend car hanging around in JB with sham and sharp. we went to pcfair and watched a movie, Drive Angry. At the night side we fill up our stomach at ZORO cafe. there were a lot of verity food there and the place is suit for those who want to chill and have a deep breath of shisha. i have much fun that day. thanks guys. There is not much time for me to chilling around with my mate. Nowadays uitm have shorten their study period by packing all the schedule. usually for those who are in diploma have to continue their study for 3 years but now it had been fully packed to 2 years which give us goodness and badness. what is good is, we graduate early which clearly give us a shortcut to enter a higher level of education. the bad is we have a short break of term. basically the break term takes about months. now we have only 3 weeks which is not much of satisfied. thus, during my break i have to spend my time as best as i can to avoid lack of satisfaction. i don't know what i just babbling just now. the truth is i do not know what to wrote here, i just type what was in my mine. i don't want my blog to look empty, hence i try adds something on it so it can be readable. i think thats all kot. haha. ok da abis.

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