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Saturday, June 11, 2011

yesterday out.

i'm going to put in some pictures and a video this time since the last post was a bit empty and dull. got to keep it interesting. well. the above was during karaoke yesterday. below are more details on what happens before the above situation. if you care to know la.

yesterday, me, faisal and nazrin went out to jusco terberau, they come just to accompanied me. i told them that i want to buy some stuff for my study and maybe watch movie if there is new movies that i have not watched yet, at the end things turn out to be different cause i'm spending the money to other things and we did not watched any movie. cause i have watched all the new movie.

we next went to cs to send nazrin to his work station at bazar jb to pick up his business stuff. while waiting for nazrin to finished his stuff me and faisal walk around jb city to pull out the boringness. at time night started to emerge, i found abby and abek at bazar jb. since there was nothing much to do here i asked them to join us to make the atmosphere less bored. we then move to Assalam for a shisha and small snack to covered up our hunger.

afterwards, when things started to get bored, we move again to other places. during the journey to other places which we were currently did not planed yet, i proposed a suggestion to go to a karaoke box. they agreed,so we went to the nearest karaoke box which was Suara Ok at Danga Street Walks. we have quite satisfied time there. at the karaoke box, there was some recording made by abby and also some pictures snapped by them during the time which i'm going to share with you guys here.

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