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Monday, February 14, 2011

what have happened

hayyy. i just realized my blog has been left for a millennium time. now it is time to wrote again babe. since i'm gone many drastic things have happened to me. One of those things are having a totally short hair. i'm completely look like a nerd. damn different. Numerous people did not recognize me during my weekend break in JB, ahh. hair please grow quickly. i don't want to look nerd in a such long term. huu. The truth is this is my shortest hair cut i ever made and i don't want to show it to you. haha. enough about hair, now im going to tell u about my journey in uitm. Last week there was an event organized by my block. it is call the haka tour. haka is a dance perform by a rugby team and all part one which include me must participate and for that reason also my hair have to be thrown away. on top of that, each of us was given a task to make our own haka t-shirt with nickname and contact number paint on it. we have to wear the t-shirt that we have decorated before while performing haka in front of the girl collages. basically there are 12 collages which means 12 times of haka performance. it was an exhausted day though fun to be remembered. for those who still didn't recall haka is, u can search videos on youtube. there is also a video of us doing haka recorded, but for the time being i think the video is still not uploaded yet. what more to share? i just couldn't drag it out. perhaps later millennium time more. haha. since im a nerd now, there is no picture to be uploaded in this post except that glasses i stole from the google search. haha.

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