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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wednesday movie day

Wednesday, all of you probably already know it was a movie day, and obviously a lot of people will hangout at that day and the mall will be crowded with people and im one of the victim on that day who hangout to watch the movie. in jb the main mall that people will rush in to is city square(cs). so as im a johorean i also went out there. i arrived at cs at 4.30 p.m. at that day i finally watched new moon. the movie was awesome. i love the warewolf. they were like strong and have muscling body. it was pretty cool though. i have much fun although im alone, well not completely alone all the time. before the movie started to roll out at 6.30 pm. i meet a few of my friends. they are acik,ahyie and a bunch of their friend which i can't remember their name. haha. the movie stop to roll at 8.40 p.m and at 9.40 p.m i went back home. one hour before i went home i meet them again. "lepak2"

next time i planned to watch "SANTAU". the trailer were pretty spooky and i can't wait to watch it. but i still have not decided yet who i want to watch the movie with. dikdaaa? mariii2. hahaha.

ini dia encik ekaa. kawan si dikda. mula2 aku kenal dia aku ingtkan lagi tua dari aku ke same baye ke. rupa2 nye budak2 lagi. dia baru 16. haha. nmpak tua. cuba byg kn kalu dia 20. msti mcm 30. bahaha. aku knal dia sbb aku kenal acik. acik nie bf diaa. nak tahu acik yg mana? acik pun nnti2 je la aku tulis eh babee? haha. minah ni sngt sexy walaubagaimana pun aku tidak terguda skali pun. nahaha. minah ni suka menganjing, die mcm nak kene templingg jee beb dngn waa. bahaha. td wa tenguk pic ic dia. pehhh. kalu skrng dia sama mcm dalam pic uh aku xtahu apa acik akan bwat. bahaha. ok la tu jee. apa2 pun best lyn kpala dia ini.

before i almost forgot. i just recieved a call from filzah asking me if i were free or not tomorow. she probably wants to hangout before going to kl with her family. faeez , filzah and i. tomorow we will hangout to cs maybe. faeez wants to watch avatar and filzah owe me one movie ticket and one set of macdonal. haha. so im please to hangout with them.

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