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Sunday, December 13, 2009

im playing guitar,

ahh. just like another night. i am bored , bored and bored. so to made my day more valuable and less bored. i filled it by playing the guitar. i wanted to improve my guitar skill by learning new type of guitar chord which is call jazz chord. the chord is much harder than i thought it would be and i kept on practicing until i get it right. below is my vid cover on hujan - gundah using jazz chord. my voice is a bit croacky. ahaha. hope u enjoy my vid cover although it is such an embaressing moment of me. nahh. who cares. haha. it takes several hour to upload it on youtube that i just registered a few moment before and that pissed me off. durhhh. im tired of waiting for it to complete. i have to hold on almost 3 hour before publishing my new post.

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