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Thursday, December 31, 2009

the return and the reunion

hay blog reader. today my mum and dad had safely returned home. they arrived at senai airport at 12.50 p.m. i was a bit shock when i saw my dad. he has white hair. usually the hair was back. i saw a sparkling on both of my parents faces. they look happy and glad to be back here in malaysia.

btw, my primary school is holding a reunion since our last gathering which was 5 years ago. the reunion will be held at STARHILL at 9 AM on the 3rd of JAN. i can't wait to see how my oldmates look like.


FNSyareena said...

saya sudah tengok kawan-kawan lama saya semalam. weee. reunion is a nicest event ever :)

afiq said...

ahaha. bagus2. saya nnti ahad ini. :D