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Saturday, May 4, 2013

lie is lie

Lie, lie in my definition is something that someone tells or do whether direct or indirectly to escape from the truth for benefit of that particular person whether in good or bad intention. Lie is just a fantasy that one person create to life live better, despite it is actually another path to doom and disaster. some people lie to for fun and some people lie to save their ass from catastrophic. no matter what course it is, big or small lie is a lie. 

Everyone hates lie but yet does it to escape from the truth. this is the fact that most truth are uglier and lie are prettier. people prefer this kind of fact without thinking the consequences that will occurred in the course of future. trust is not something that people will give out easily. it is hard to gain someone's trust. there must be some kind of bond to build up trust on somebody and it takes time. telling the opposite truth will only broken the bond that they have made once it had been compromised. A thousand truth could be wiped away by a single lie. don't ever ever lie to someone that is important to u. this would really hurt them. though the truth are ugly and lie are pretty sometimes they prefer the ugly truth. this is because the truth resemble the reality and reality is where we live on. upon that, its signify the element of a good moral value. telling the truth shows that u are brave to confront your mistake. 

I believe most of us already know this fact. There are always choices in making decision. be wise in determining the best the decision. don't blame others if thing doesn't go according to planned. u are the one who make the move and do the action. why blame others? they are just someone who happened to be in the course of your decision making. Instead of lament around why don't we find alternative and try again. improvise things, ingest and digest atmosphere to see and understand life better. 

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