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Thursday, February 7, 2013

semester 5

greeting to my fellow readers, throughout these past days and months I have been busy with several tests and quizzes. after all my final exam are just around the corner and approximately gonna be in 5 more weeks. I found that semester 5 was not that hard compared to last semester. maybe it is due to my level of studios and hard-working that have been improve lately. I'm currently taking 6 subjects that comprise partnership and company law(LAW), fanancial accounting report(FAR250), marketing(MKT), costing(MAF320), critical thinking(BEL), and taxation(TAX). All of these subject are quite challenging and troubled actually. I'm trying hard to get good result for this semester. and kinda hoping to be in Decan List. there is a decreasing regarding to my last semester result 
which still above 3 pointer.
The Librian
Library have become my 2nd home despite I spent half of my day here doing assignments and stuffs. I found that it is entirely tired to walk back to my room and due to that during the gap before the next class begins I will crawl back to the library. even now I'm writing this using one of the library computers. Back at college there is no internet connection provided and it is kinda pain in the ass. we need to walk by to library each time there is a need for internet use. I'm sure there will be no problem for those who have a internet broadband back in their pockets but what happened to those who don't? The authorities really need to improve their facility for the sake of we as a student here. I know they have given us so much, but as u may know internet has becoming a major role in today's life. internet helps us to work smart and less energy and time consume.

I'm currently trying hard to improve my English and this is one of the significant why I invented this blog. the process of improving my English have been going for like 3 years. I'm very bad at it at first. Nowadays my English have slightly been going well. I also managed to get good result in English subject for the whole semester 1, 2, 3 and 4 and hoping semester 5 will come up even better upshot. upon that, I really want to improve my in-fluency in speaking in English. I need someone to talk with me in English. yet, I still have not found one yet. I know I can speak in that language well if i have enough practice. but the issue is my lack of confident have been blocking me in doing that so. the truth is, there are a lot my friends here who can speak very well in English, it is just that I don't have the guts to start English conversation with them. seeing them speaking in English very fluent and smooth make me feels so impress and kinda jealous sometimes. soon or later I will. I will make sure that. 

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