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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Political issues in Malaysia

hello and greeting to my follow reader, lately I've been aggressively active in writing a new post on this blog. As we all aware at this moment we are on the verge of election. it's kind of annoying and devastating to see the madness of individual who deeply obsessed with their political party. even our neighbour country Singapore is aware about this chaos. you see, politic is a dirty game. there's no such thing as clean politic in today's reality. both has their own pros and cons. it's up to us to choose wisely which one is better for our future.

I'm 21 years old and world as I view today is not the same as previous one. I'm more matured and could define which one is better for our nation future. During this era, yes I agree that our current political party have made mistakes. in fact, there are a lot of corruptions being made by them.

It's all about money. Money is a very powerful weapon. we are not living in the age where war determine everything. Money can change people mind and with money we can win everything. example. abu is non-smoker person and made himself a promise to keep that principle for the rest of his life. one day ali dared abu to smoke cigar just for one day in return he will give abu rm100. if you were abu, will u accept the offer? that's the power of money and the corruption that happen today. that's basically the idea that i'm trying to communicate here. it happen in today's reality only with different kind of version and a lot more complicated. I'd say even if the opposition wins the election, there are still corruption.

what opposition party offer are indeed interesting and very fascinated. however the offer that they are trying to decoy seems to be beyond logic. is it possible? I'm an accounting student and I have learned some basic economic and how taxes being distribute.

As u guys would know, tax is the main revenue of our country. Revenue that government receive from this sources will be used to enhance and improve the quality of our country infrastructure. Other than that, all subsidies for education, goods like sugar and petrol, ptptn and others are sustainable due to this source of revenue. To abolish so many taxes would reduce the income of our country. In some course, I suspected that there will be an adjustment to increase the rate of personal income tax if they are really going to abolish toll tax, reduce petrol price and reduce the car tax.  Or it's just some sort of decoy to persuade citizen to vote for them.

there are many issues that make me skeptism regarding to the memorandum that apposition party try to promote and bring into our country current system. a lot of fallacies and the argument given by them are not valid and reliable enough to persuade me and simultaneously brings out this doubtfulness. it would take a long post if i would given an opportunity to write it all here despite to the time limitation that void me to do so.

my last regards

to BN if you win stop screw up, and if PR win don't screw up .


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