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Saturday, February 4, 2012

the lone ranger

lone ranger was known as one of the most popular TV series among the old days. It is about a hero who fights for justice alone. the title lone ranger signifies me well, because i'm usually do things all by myself. i'm not like this before. after several circumstance that have been occur to me, i've made up my mind to work alone. these days, it's quite hard to trust and rely on other people. i've been under-cast by many experience which lead me to this form. maybe this is a sign from God for me to make a move and change the way i life. nowadays, i walk alone, eat alone and study alone and yeah, i'm now doing progress. i started to priorities things that important and excluded things that's non-priority. it is time to wake up and make a move, i don't want to depend on other, because i know i can figure it out by myself, besides, who can u trust the most compared to yourself. friends, they can sometimes become your enemy, don't be surprised when one day the one who actually leads u to disaster is your own best friend, without u indirectly realised they have kicked your ass and say the "in your face". that's why i begin to construct and organized a new phase of lifestyle which i call the "lone ranger 1.0". the phase principle state that "in order to be a successful person, one person must not rely or influence by other and do things by your own will" who's gonna helps u? who's gonna stand u up, if u fall to the ground, it's you. your friends won't be there during your down stage. trust me, i've encountered the experience. however, true friend does exist, it's quite hard to find one. a true friend would stay and fight by your side in whatever circumstance u're in to. a true friend helps you in giving good advise and a good friend don't spoil or influence u to negative symptoms. although i do things alone now, yet i still have my own good friend list who i believe have all the true friend specifications. wanna know who? it's a secret.


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