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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello, goodbye to you,

hey everybody, yeah, i'm typing again, return on blogging. yeap, it has been long since my last update. my blog is a bit dusty and need to be polished with new post and that's what i'm doing now. there were many event that have been occur to me during these long lost. most of it was the bad event. it really give me a hard time but yet teaches me a lots of good value. hmm. where to begin?

My first hard time was losing her again, I always holds up to this principle "if she is worth, keep on fighting" what a fool I have been. Chasing a girl who were not worth at all. She doesn't appreciate me as I do. This event happened during a month of December which was 3 days to the new year, we just met, a few days later she wants to break up. Probably there was something about me that she dislike, I do not blame her for what decision that she made. It is all about heart feeling, I can not enforced her to love me, it is just something that emerge naturally. At the time when she asked me to cut off the relationship, I went to Penang via domestic bus just to settle off this issue and showed her how I'm truly serious about the relationship, just imagine from JB to Penang, the cost and time that I have wasted. Unfortunately it didn't work and she still wants to break up. guess love really blind us after all. I have never been this stupid and blind before. I realized that what a fool I've been all these time, I should move on and let her go from the first place. I should follow what my instinct told me. At that particular time I started to set up my mind to stop chasing her and yeah I managed to let her go. I know it was a bit difficult for first time, but with strong determination I can overcome it now. well, that is all just a phase during my teenager stage, life must go on.

The other hard time were losing my cloths, laptop and handphone. I don't know what they really intend and want from me. But from what that I have concluded, the thief is targeting me. 'cause only my things were stolen. He is not doing it alone. even until today, they are still targeting me. the latest thing that they have stolen from me were my replacement phone Nokia Xpress Music for my old phone SE Xpria 10 which was also stolen probably by the same person and again my cloths. I bought all of those item using my own legal money. I'm not from a rich family, just a moderate type. Do you think my parents would spent that amount money for me? well I guess you were wrong. I've to work on my own to get all of those item and u just simply stole it from me. I work hard to archived all of those item. when I look back at the past, it feels like all of those hard working days just easily being wipe away by unscrupulous person like you. Come on, enough already, just move on, don't be such a fools. Let bygone be bygone, be a matured person. who the hell do you think you are, to stole my things, who give you right? who are u to judge and punish other people? are you some kind of angel? steal all you want, I don't give a damn at all. It is between you and God. I only concern to my priority. I don't want that issue to effect my study. My goal in uitm is to earn a highest pointer plus get a good result and become a successful person, hopefully. If being a thief is your goal, you don't deserve to be here.

The event above really teaches me a lot as people quote "experience is the best teacher". it makes me even stronger now, internally. just you wait, karma will slaps on your face if not now,maybe someday. Or if not later maybe on hereafter. we will see.

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Be Strong..;)