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Sunday, March 27, 2011


here is it. my new edited picture. i just installed adobe photoshop cs4 in my lappy. the above picture is a bit different compare to the facebook version. there is also other version with different color. it is to compare which one is the best and the above and the facebook version had caught my eye view. i want to do more than this. but its complicated and took a long period to done it. Beside,i edited the picture at restaurant singgah selalu(SS) which was not a suit place to done the job. me and my friend abby went out to town to watch a movie. at the end of the day we continue our juorney to SS for dinner and have a fresh shisha breath. as you may know shisha is being stated as illegal stuff at melaka. it is difficult to find one there. hence without hasistating i pulled my leg up to the places that have shisha each time i reach my hometown. throughout the day me and abby took some pictures of us. it has been long period i have not snap a picture. well the main reason is because my hair. now the hair has back but still was not as awesome as before. i miss my old hair. :( to tell u the truth, hair give a major effect for man. just imagine if ur favorite Korean/Japanese artist is baldy. does he or she still looks good to u? haha. enough with that. now i want to tell u about my new gf. nahhh. just joking. maybe next time. i did mention you about me taking some pictures. since, i naver show up new pictures for quite some time. lets upload it here rather than FB. i think FB is more open compare to here since there is not many that follow. as usual, still for the same the reason. "THE HAIR" my hair is not satisfying. i do not want to expose to much at the meanwhile. xD


Ayien Ocaca said...

wats the difference between cs3 and cs4???
i ade photoshop cs3 dgn cs5 je...
is it cs4 better??
btw is it true being an illegal stuff in malacca???
kalu mlm ade je kat area KBM...
lasty...rmbut u 2 xteruk mane pon...nerdy also kindda style :p

afiq said...

both are the same. the differences is only the layout i think. but both can perform same thing. just like microsoft 2007 and 2010. both can progress same function. maybe there were some new stuff added. but still the same. yea. it is. if the government know, maybe they could be arrested.