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Sunday, December 12, 2010

new look new goal

yohh. here im back to student look. with short hair various people didn't recall me. i feel like a new afiq now. just cut it last week due to my up coming admission to uitm soon. hope these new look not only change my external self but also my internal self. well uitm here i come baby.can wait to meet up with new people there. the truth is i feel a bit of mix feeling here. the life i had now is dissimilar with the life that im running in soon. hope i can fit it equanimity. i know i will feel superb bored there. my most time will be spending in the room sleeping. arhh. compare to here in jb, every day is equipped with enjoyable things to do. shisha jamming movies. guess i had to force it out now. what matter now is to get excellent result in my study. i want to make my parent proud and show them im worth. i want to have a first-class life in the future. aminn.

quick hang

the picture was taken on last week. i went out to macD with azizi,ikin and filzah. u guys probably wondering where is filzah? well we were waiting for her at this time. this was just a quick hang. we all got our own pack time routine. to tell u the truth, it is not easy to plan out and meet them like this due to their own commitment.coincidently, all four of us got a free slot at this time. so we meet up chatting and share stories. although it just a quick hang, it was worth it.

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